Number Plate Detection and Parking Allocation

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ShivramPatkulkar, N.M. Wagdarikar, N.S. Kawathekar,Akhouri Nishant Sinha, Sagar Sonkamble


Due to the different types of number plates being used, the requirements of an automatic license plate recognition system are different for each country. In this paper, a number plate localization and recognition system for Indian vehicles. This system is developed based on digital images and can be easily applied to car park systems for the use of documenting access of parking services, secure usage of parking houses and also to prevent car theft issues. Automatic license plate recognition system is to extract vehicle license plate from a video. The paper based on a combination and Image Processing filling up the holes approach method with area criteria test for the number plate localization. Segmentation of the plate characters was achieved by horizontal and vertical scanning method. The character recognition was accomplished with the aid of optical characters by the process of Template matching. We mainly concrete on three steps: one is to locate the number plate, second is to segment all the number and to identify each number separately, third is recognize each character.

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