Automatic Railway Track Fault Detection System with Live Video Streaming

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Shreyas Chaudhari, N. M. Waghdarikar, Deepak Kumar, Pratimesh Gaikwad


Most of the Transportation of commercial goods in india is done by the railway network and any damage to these network leads to damage to economy. Indian railway has not yet reached the international standards in terms of the reliability and safety parameters. The main concern about railway network is early detection of any cracks in the structure. If these faults are not detected and repaired at early stages, they might lead to derailments which leads to heavy loss of life and property. Our model proposes a cost-effective solution to the problem of track crack detection using IR transmitter and receiver which detects the crack and feed location through GPS and video feed of the track immediately so that many lives can be saved. There are many advantages when compared with the traditional system i.e. cost effective, lower power consumption and lesser analysis time.

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