Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Human Machine Interface (HMI) Application for Corrosion Testing Machine

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R.G. Kulkarni, Kimaya Nikam, Sayoni Nath, Shweta Patewar


Main motive of this project is to design corrosion testing machine which is able to identify the corrosion formation in any type of metals and coatings, from this testing process we can improvise the life span of the particular metal job. This test allows us to compare relative corrosion resistance of different coatings in conditions that try to mimic actual corrosive environment. The corrosion testing machine is adapted to be operated in sequence to faithfully reproduce corrosive conditions. Namely, at first the salt spray is produced, and then the specimens are rinsed, then dried by hot or ambient air, and cooled. It will be understood that this cycle of operation, reproducing outdoor conditions, provides a test which has a high degree of conformity with actual corrosion environment. In this project we integrate PLC and HMI on the system thus automative environment is created. This helps in accelerating the testing, improving reliability and efficiency of the corrosion testing. PLC implementation makes it possible for easy interlocking of machine conditions, increases flexibility and safety. It also helps to modify machine sequence . HMI makes it possible to alter machine parameters online as per requirement of specific job and achieve supervisory control like performance monitoring, start up, shut down and other emergency operations.

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