Smart Landslide Detector

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Mehta Dikshant Kanhaiya, P. S. Kokare, Patil Uday Sunil, Ghule Prathamesh Tukaram, S. B. Ranaware


A landslide is geological phenomenon that includes wide range of ground movements. It is in general mass movement across steep slopes and occur in regions with heavy precipitation and some activity in tectonic plates. A Smart Landslide detector can help us in monitoring of the saturation of the soil as well as vibrations from the ground, through this we can effectively can keep eye on upcoming disaster before it hits a geographical area. This can help to save the number of lives and prevent the losses of life and property as people be aware of upcoming landslide. Internet of Things (IoT) plays very crucial role in connecting all the necessary components with each other in such a manner that the real time values could be detected and sent over to control unit . Moisture sensor and vibrating sensor employed that detects and send real time data values to the control unit as some critical value will be set for this sensor, if the value exceeds critical value the people will be notified about Landslides through WebApp and SMS system such that premature evacuation can be done.

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