A Survey on a Mobile Robot to Observe and Protect Agricultural Crops

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Adesh Dehane , Durga Nikam, Shreyas Dulange , Chetan Dehane


The project illustrates the implementation of a complete agricultural robot for farming. This is developed by the integration of an ARM controller, a set of sensors for navigation between rows, DC Gear Motor. The new technologies can serve efficiently for many problems by overcoming the limitations of the previous one. The system incorporates actuators and relevant sensors to measure and monitor the critical parameters that adversely control the motion of an agricultural robot as well as the operations to perform. Ultrasonic sensor-based row guidance with distance measuring to drive an agricultural robot through the row crops in the field. The new real-time control to avoid collision and advancing towards the target at row end. Nowadays many industries are using robots to help human beings. MATLAB based image processing technique with image enhancement by enhancing the contrast and image segmentation by K means clustering along with the classification of multiple diseases and healthy leaves using Multi-Class SVM. Image acquisition using live streaming through ESP32 Camera Module.

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