Leaf Diseases Detection for Tomato Plant with Use of Neural Network

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Patil Rutuja, P.S.Kokare, Motkar Pratiksha, Pillai Aishwarya, S. B. Ranaware


The tomato plant is the most comprehensively developed produce in India. The serious issue that the ranchers all throughout the planet face is misfortunes, due to nuisances, sickness or a supplement insufficiency. They rely on the data that they get from the farming divisions for the determination of plant leaf infection. This process is lengthy and complicated. Here comes a system to help farmers everywhere in the world by automatically detecting plant leaf diseases accurately and within no time. The main objective of this system is to acquire more reliable performance in the identification of diseases. Amidst various plant diseases that affect leaf comprise of Late blight, bacterial and viral diseases have been chosen to differentiate infected leaves from that of the healthy leaves includes Late blight, bacterial and viral diseases. The proposed model is designed in such a way that it effectively identifies specific diseases that affect leaves of tomato plants through the use of a huge dataset. We have proposed tomato leaf Disease Prediction using CNN Techniques.

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