Design and Implementation of Visual Cryptography Application for University Result System

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S.K.Patil, S.A.Badarkhe, Pratik Mandlik, Sanskruti Nimbalkar, Sushil Pabale


The new area of research is image cryptography. There are numerous cryptography techniques that have been developed. In order to conceal the visual details (images, text, etc.) in images, many encryption techniques have been used. The primary principle of encryption is the probability of human vision decryption if the right key image is used, known as visual cryptography. Using visual cryptography and digital watermarking, a new method for user authentication is suggested.Using visual cryptography and digital watermarking; a user authentication method is suggested. The original picture, mainly the approved person's photograph, is split into shares. One of the shares is kept within the server and the other is sent by mail to the approved person. When the share is downloaded and submitted to the web by the authorized person, two sections are combined and the user receives a single captcha image containing the password after entering which user can login to the system.

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