Modeling of Wireless Energy Transfer Circuit and Implementation of Wi-tricity System

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S. K. Patil, S.N. MagdumGaji, Pratik Darke, Nikhil Kinhekar, Aniket Paulzade


The main objective of this paper is to develope a device for wireless power transfer.The concept ofwireless power transfer was realized by Nikolas Tesla. Wireless power transfercan make a remarkable change in the field of the electrical engineering which eliminates the useconventional copper cables and current carrying wires. Based on this concept, the project is developed to transfer power within a small range. This system can be used for charging batteriesthose are physically not possible to be connected electrically such as pace makers (An electronicdevice that works in place of a defective heart valve) implanted in the body that runs on abattery.The patient is required to be operated every year to replace the battery. This is designedcharge a rechargeable battery wirelessly for the purpose. Since charging of the battery is notpossible to be demonstrated, we are providing a DC fan that runs through wireless power.Moreover this technique can be used in number of applications, like to charge a mobilephone, iPod, laptop battery, propeller clock wirelessly. And also, this kind of charging providesfar lower risk of electrical shock as it would be galvanically isolated. This concept is an EmergingTechnology, and in future the distance of power transfer can be enhanced as the research acrossthe world is still going on.

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