Solar Powered IOT based Smart Helmet

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Mantri Onkar, Vivek NiwaneJadhav Rohan, Takale Swapnil


In our day-to-day life large percent people die from road accident. A solution needed to solve problem using a “Smart Helmet”. This smart helmet is a special idea which makes rides safer than before. The main aim of this helmet unless, the person must worn the helmet. It uses wirelessly switching on a bike, so that it will not start without both key and helmet. The concept of GSM and GPS to track the location and provide medical attention to rider and message sent to predefined numbers (police, relative and ambulance). It providing a over speed limit (alert), and emergency call alert to the user\rider. The project runs in a solar power. The trending technology, the Internet of Things (IOT) that is changing our lives day by day. It is creating a new world, quantifiable and measurable world where people and businesses can manage their assets in better informed way and make more timely decisions. This paper proposes a smart helmet for the accident detection using sensors and Raspberry pi with IOT as a domain. The main feature of designing this helmet is to not only to make the helmet smart but also to provide safety to rider.

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