Design and Modelling of Self Driving Prototype Using Image Processing

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Gonjari Prathamesh, Chavan Anand, Bhawar RushikeshVrushali Waghmare


This paper focuses on control and automation of intelligent road symbol detection system for vehicles in normal environment conditions. Autonomous cars are the long-term smart cars expected to be driver less, efficient and crash avoiding ideal car of the long term. Now a day’s people losing their life just because of disobeying traffic rules. we are ready to overcome this challenge using image processing because it's higher accuracy and efficiency. during this paper we are presenting road side sign, lane detection and objects detection technique on small scale driver less car. Using this technique, we are able to drive car without human interference so, it'll decrease the human error chances. Camera and ultrasonic sensor work as input sensors, Arduino UNO work as a processor and motor work as an output. Here some samples are already stored in machine and when camera start's doing its work, machine start's training code. Therefore, the car will drive itself and reach to the destination.

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