Automated Apple Harvester using Open-CV Algorithm

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KirdantSujitkumar Sunilrao, Nagarkar Swapnil Pradip, Oswal Chetan Vinod, S.M. Ingawale


This paper sheds light on the advancements made in the agricultural industry. Digital image processing techniques are now widely used for the ripening estimation of fruits. This work focuses on the study and analysis of the various algorithms and feature extraction techniques that are used for the extracting features from the captured digital images.Incountries like India one of the main challenges faced by the farming industry is the lack of labour. The systemis proposed to inspect an Apple’s ripeness based on colours. The algorithm is implemented using RASPBERRY PI development board.Acost-effective embedded system prototype is proposed for the determination of colour of the fruit. A real time object detection algorithm is implemented to demonstrate the harvesting step, wherein it detects ripe fruits for plucking.

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