Vehicular Emission Monitoring and Alerting System Using IOT

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Akshay Somase, S.N Magdum, Hedau Shivani Vilas, Sonawane Dhiraj Nandkishor


Automobile emission is the major contributor to pollution. Authorities which monitor emission standards are Road and Transportation Office (RTO) and Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). Vehicle emits various gases which mixes with atmospheric air decreasing air quality that leads to severe health diseases. Emission of gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, nitrogen oxide causes air to be polluted leading to global warming also. The problem arises when the rate of emission of gases of vehicles crosses the standardized values. As a solution to vehicular pollution problems, we have designed a system which monitors vehicular emission. For that we have used IoT technique. This system monitors the individual vehicle emission level in real-time process by collecting data from various MQ sensors which is placed at the exhaust of the vehicle. The data collected verifies the standard limits and this information is then to cloud using Internet of Things (IoT) for further process. Vehicle owner gets text message alert if the vehicle exceeds the standard limit. To analyse the data and to verify the emission level of vehicle with the standard limit, the coding has been done in Node-MCU Microcontroller. This system helps in reduction of vehicle emission in the atmosphere.

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