Intelligent Boundary Alert System Using GPS

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Jangid Prakash,S.S. Palnitkar, Bondage Nagesh, Biradar Pritam


In day-to- day lifestyles we listen approximately many Tamil fishermen being stuck and placed Srilankan custody oreven killed. The sea border among the international locations isn't without difficulty identifiable, that is the primary motive for this go border cruelty. In this paper, a machine the usage of embedded machine which protects the fishermen by the usage of Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global machine for communication (GSM). We use GPS receiver to discover the modern-day place of the fishing boat or vessel. Using GPS, we will discover the modern-day range and longitude values and is dispatched to the micro-controller unit. Then the controller unit need to findthe current location by comparing the present latitude and longitudinal values with the predefined value. Then from the result of the comparison, this machine conscious the fishermen that they're approximately to attain the nautical border. The location is split into 4 zones- ordinary sector, caution sector, sector close to restrained sector and subsequently the restrained sector.If the LCD displays normal zone, then the boat is in normal area. The LCD displays warning zone,in case it moves further and reaches the warning zone, If the fisherman ignores the warning or fail to see the display and move further, and if the boat enters the zone nearer to the constrained zone the alarm will turn on and the speed of the boat engine robotically gets controlled by 50%. If the fisherman did not take any reaction about the alarm and move further, the alarm continues to beep as before, then the boat will enter the constrained zone, and once it touches the restricted zone, the boat engine gets off by the control of fuel supply to engine.

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