Brain Tumor Detection with MRI scan

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Prathamesh Jagtap, Akshay Bagul, Yash Jamkhedkar


Brain Tumour detection and removal is one of the most challenging issue faced in the field of biomedicine. Early imaging techniques like pneumoencephalography and cerebral angiography had the downside of being invasive and hence the MRI imaging techniques help the surgeons in providing a more robust vision. In this system, Pre-processing, segmentation and morphological operation are the three main stages involved in tumour image processing. After the acquisition of the source image, it's pre-processed by converting the initial image to grey scale additionally high pass filter for noise removal and median filter for quality improvement is provided which is followed by enhancement stage resulting with historgramic equivalent image. Finally segmentation is completed. The above method is useful in generating the reports automatically in less span of time and advancement has resulted in extracting many inferior parameters of the tumour. Keywords- Medium filtering, Gaussian Filter, Anisotropic diffusion Filter, Convolutional Neural Network, Segmentation.

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