Gender Classification Based on Speech Analysis using DNN

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Ajab Godhrawala , Namita Bhor, Dheeraj Patil, Pallavi Sawant ,Kokila Kasture


Language is one of the significant methods for correspondence; Speech is its fundamental medium by which two individuals can communicate. In this current period, technology based on speech are broadly utilized as it has limitless uses. Speech Recognition (SR), as the man-machine interface assumes a fundamental part in the field of AI and ML where precision is a significant challenge. In this proposed system, a model has been processed where to separate two voices by using DNN techniques. Conversation is made on various methods and approaches of the discourse acknowledgment measure utilizing the DNN. DNN can effectively extract low-dimensional features. Hence the accuracy of speech separation can be improved by the designed system. The main motive is to bring to light the progress made in the field of speech recognition.

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