Diabetic Foot Detection Using Pressure Sensor

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Vyankatesh Thigale, S. P. Dhanure, D. S. Nikam, Sonu Survase, Rojmin Attar


In this project, as an experiment setup for efficient diabetic foot detection is described. Diabetes also brings neurovascular complications, which results in development of increase in pressure among the regions of the foot. Patients with diabetic polyneuropathy often lose sensations of pain and temperature in their feet, this results in an derisory pressure in their feet, while standing or walking. This may cause injuries in the feet; painless trauma develops and results in ulceration. So taking care of diabetic foot ulcer is required. For that we are introducing the device which will take the reading of the pressure applying on the foot of a diabetic patient , the pressure will be read or sense by the pressure sensor which react on a very low pressures. According to the Normalized Peak Pressure (KPa) values Classification of normal and diabetic neuropathy patients will be done. In this method diagnosis of foot ulceration will be done in an earlier stage thereby the further prevention of ulceration.

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