Review on Smart Energy Meter for Economizing Energy Bills (Prepaid Bill) using IOT

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Hrushikesh Govekar, Prof. S. P. Dhanure, Prof. P.P.Rathod, Prajyot Gosavi, Amit kumawat


While innovative solutions are offered continuously to meet ever increasing energy demands, progressive applications and technologies needing more energy are being developed simultaneously. Given that smart grids are being set up at various locations in the country to address the problem of ever increasing energy demand and with the change in the grid type there is a change required to the traditional metering system. Thus to address this problem, a smart meter has been designed. This smart energy meter incorporates Energy Management System and is connected to the internet to provide seamless control over home loads. The designed energy meter is centered around the concept of real time prices of electricity which vary with time in the installed smart grids and a generalization that Electricity pricing is high during the day time and vice versa has been taken intoaccount.

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