Smart Accident Detection and Emergency Braking Systems for Vehicles

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HirweSaurav, S.P.Dhanure, D.S. Nikam, TakleAniket,KadamRushikesh


Now a day’s most are busy with their regular activities like their jobs, parties, vacations, textmessages,Facebook,newrelationships,nobodyispreparedtoseemwhat’shappeningaroundthem.InIndia,anaccidenthappensevery60secondsandeachminutes, to be precise, a road mishap snuffs out a life some are often saved if the victim has been given medical aid as soon aspossible.Thisisoftenanintentiontodevelop:SmartAccidentDetectionand Emergency Braking Systems forVehiclesthistechnique has been developed and implemented using the smart sensors and LPC2148 controller. This technique decreases the speedwhen it detects any vehicle or collision particle to avoid accident, if the accident is occurredthen this technique immediately transmitsthe situation of the accident and vehicles condition to the emergency care centre telephone number through Short Message Service(SMS) additionally, to the present this technique sends a SMS if it detects fire accident or vehicle is flipped. With this an extra optionis provided which activates the alarm system. When the accident occurs alarm is set. This is useful when the accident occurs outsidethevillage. Alsoemergencyhelpbuttonisprovidedforemergencysituations.

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