IOT Based Hand Gesture Sign to Speech Conversion System for Mute People

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Durgesh Pethkar, S.P.Dhanure ,P.P.Rathod. Farhan shaikh, Atharva kulkarni


It's very difficult for mute people to convey their message to regular people. Since regular people are not trained on hand sign language, the communication becomes very difficult. In emergency or other times when a mute person travelling or among new people communication with nearby people or conveying a message becomes very difficult. So here we have designed a system which would enable the mute people to communicate with regular people. In this system webcam is placed in front of mute person. The mute person would put finger in front of web camera and webcam will capture the hand gesture and perform image processing. And hand gestures will be converted into voice for mute people and also message will be displayed on screen.

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