Oral Cancer Detection Using Image processing

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K.V.Gutte, V. U. Irabattin, A.B.Mengawade


One of the most common form of cancer is oral cancer. It was an irrecoverable disease, but if diagnosed and treated early, medical developments have made it curable. Oral cancer is an increase in the number of cells that are capable of impacting neighboring tissues or cells. It occurs when the cells are broken out of balance and the growth or tumor develops. There is a persistent mortality rate, despite a large range of developments in fields such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Therefore, early detection of cancer is considerable. Image Processing and Machine Learning are used in this research as a field for detecting oral cancer in the sense of victim datasets. It is then classified using a K-means algorithm. We are designing an application for the health sector that also uses data mining and data extraction for prediction techniques.

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