Cataract Density Analysis Using Image Processing

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H. A. Yeolekar, A.S. Pandit, S. S. Vaidya, A. B. Natkar


Medical imaging techniques are used in the medical field for finding solutions of many problems. Different types of imaging techniques are used for different applications. The images are used for clinical analysis to detect the issue in the functioning of that organ or body part. Cataract is a layer formed over the eye lens and that blocks the light which passes through the lens.That will affect the sharpness of the image which is reaching to the retina of the eye. As the result our vision becomes blurred. Most of the time cataract will develop slowly but with time it will grow larger and as it grows larger it covers more part of our lens and distorts the light from entering into the eye. This may lead to complete vision loss. To avoid the cataract is to be detected as early as possible and also proper treatment should be taken. In this paper the digital image processing techniques are used to detect the existence of cataract. Different image processing techniques to detect contours from the image of eye are available. This paper searched for the two different contours of affected and non-affected part of iris. After detecting that the area over which the cataract is present can be defined and also the percentage of that can be calculated and based on that, the proper treatment can be taken to cure that before the major loss.

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