Non Invasive Blood Glucose Level Monitoring System for Diabetes Patient using near Infrared Spectroscopy

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Kiran Jawalkar, Ankita Bhosle, Komal Satpute, Sukanya Ghodke


Diabetes is one of the leading non communicable diseases affecting public health. Though it is termed as adeficiency rather than a disease, uncontrolled diabetes will lead to complications resulting in renal failure/liver failure/heart-attack/loss of sight or foot problems leading to amputation if not diagnosed, monitored and treated on time. Inorder to avoid these complications blood glucose level should be periodically monitored. Conventional methodsused for this purpose uses sharp needle which leads to loss of blood and has a risk of infections to the patients. Inorder to overcome such problems, a non-invasive glucose monitoring system is necessary. In this study, we proposea design, a cost effective and non-invasive glucose monitoring device using near infrared spectroscopy techniques.

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