Smart Bridge Crane for Industrial Purpose with Pi Camera

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Tejas Nandkumar Londhe, Swati S. Savakre, Radha Sunil Gawande, Ravikiran Ramesh Giri


Mounted high up at a gantry level, rather than ground level with whole structure moving, Overhead crane is a type of a crane which travels on a fixed rail mounted trucks. Like a small trolley the lifting gear can often move crossways along the horizontal plank. Factories and warehouse are the place where overhead crane are brought into the practise.So as we know that Overhead crane is a Wired Controlled System its intricate to manage so here in this paper we have proposed a Wireless Control System.To stabilize the position in the least possible time is the objective of this proposed idea.So basically the crane will be operated from Voice Commands by the operator so that there will be less restrictions while operating. A Pi camera has been interfaced to the Overhead Crane for the surveillance of the surrounding so that it can capture the routine and unfortunate accidents that may occur.This Paper will make the human results less and will give us the prompt result.In this paper we have proposed our idea till the simulation part where the circuit diagram and the simulation results will give us an idea how the whole system will work accordingly.

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