Tool Development for Detection of Sign Language

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Nikhil Sanjay Shetiya, Ishwar Vikas Lonkar, Ayara Lovlesh Rangari


A system was developed which may function a learning tool for starters in language that involves hand detection.This system relies on a skin-color modelling technique, i.e., explicit skin-color space thresholding. The skin-color range is predetermined which may extract pixels (hand) from non–pixels (background). The pictures were fed into the model called the Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) for classification of images. In supervised learning algorithm is trained with well labelled data. It simply meaning data is already tagged with correct answer. The algorithm learns from the labelled data and predicts outcomes of unforeseen data. From given information machine learning algorithm is trained. The training algorithm is additionally a relation which learns from information then helps to predict the results of unforeseen data. It also learns from the knowledge it's predicted for. In machine learning the prediction gets better and better with the more use of it because it learns from the predictions.

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