Smart Attendance System And Management

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Sonam Chavan, Rutuja Chikane, Urvi Chavhan


Face recognition is an integral part of psychology, forensics and social media. In all these fields, a high degree of reliability of classification is imperative. After we detect the face from input image, specific features of the face are identified. Finally, the face is recognized using deep learning algorithms. Face Recognitionis capable of detecting, tracking, identifying or verifying human faces using a digital camera. We are creating a system that is able to manage and monitor the employee and visitors of an organization using face recognition as an authentication method. After the authentication and verification process, valid visitor’s entry time and date will automatically get saved in software. This system is proposed to enhance the security of an organization from outsider and to mark the entry time and exit time of an employee. Centralize system enables managing and monitoring process more efficient. Cost of development is also taken into consideration as the hardware requirement is very less. Raspberry Pi and surveillance camera is used as hardware. As per the requirement of company our project consists of software which uploads the data on server.

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