Autonomous Vehicles Parking Using Neuro-Fuzzy

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Akshay Jain, V. A. Yaduvanshi, Pranav Kasar, Archana Lonkar


Due to high population, traffic congestion problems have become a major issue in today’s world. So it is a need to solve the parking problems and provide an effective and efficient solution for parking of the vehicles. Advanced vehicle Parking is an efficient solution for traffic congestion. The objective of this paper is to design an advanced vehicle parking system which will automatically park the vehicle without the help of driver. As everything in the modern world is going automatic, we have built a system which can automatically sense the empty parking slot and the vehicle is parked automatically. This system not only reduces the human efforts, but also reduces the consumption of space. The advanced vehicle parking assures full safety of vehicle and its owner.  This system has shown the concept of an automatic vehicle parking system.

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