Embedded systems for Geo-fencing and Rescue System for Fisherman (Fisherman Protection System)

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Mahima Gokhe, N. M. Wagdarikar, Ishita Sharma, Atul Kumar


On a daily basis, we read of numerous Tamil fisherman being captured, jailed, and killed in Sri Lanka. The fundamental reason for this cross-border tragedy is because the countries' marine borders are difficult to detect. Then we had the idea of developing an embedded device that protects fishermen by delivering a signal to the country's borders via the Global Positioning System (GPS) and the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) . A GPS receiver is used to identify the location of the fisherman's boat. Using GPS, we can determine the current latitude and longitude data and send them to the microcontroller. To identify the precise position, the controller unit compares the current latitude and longitudinal data to the specified value. As a consequence of the device's manufacture, the fishermen were warned that they were approaching the maritime time barrier. The four regions that make up the area are regular region, alert region, region near to restricted region, and restricted region. The LCD will display the usual area while the vessel is in the normal field. When the boat approaches the restricted region too closely, a warning will sound, and the vessel's fuel injection will be decreased by 50% instantly, reducing the boat's speed to 50% automatically. The boat motor is turned off as it enters the restricted area due to the no of supply of energy to the engine.

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