Identification of Leukemia Using Convolution Neural Networks

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Nitish Panchpor, Shilpa Jahagirdar, Manisha Sagade, Lokesh Patil, Utkarsh Nikam


Leukemia is a type of malignant blood cell cancer that can affect both children and adults. In order to get the most effective treatment, the patient needs early diagnosis. Therefore, a support system  is needed for  early diagnosis to guide treatment for patients with Leukemia as soon as possible. This paper is focused on with the purpose of fast and early detection of Leukemia cell to prevent spreading of the cancer in patient’s body and to the treatment for patient. The proposed system uses convolution network that inputs a blood cell image and output whether cell is infected with cancer or not. The common algorithm for this approach consists of several rigid steps. The basic idea to develop a system which detect the Leukemia from blood cell images with more precision.

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