IOT Based Green-house Monitoring

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Akshay Waikar, Shilpa Jahagirdar, Manisha Sagade, Dhanashree Kulkarni, Chaitrali Kamathe


In recent scenario of climate change and its effect on the environment has motivated the farmers to install greenhouses in their fields. But maintaining a greenhouse and its plantation is very labour intensive and majority of them perform vital operations intuitively. With available Greenhouse Monitoring systems, it’s not much affordable for farmers to implement such technologies. In this paper, authors propose a system, that is cost effective and easy to design by using technologies Internet of Things (IOT). A wider area of controlling using sensors like temperature sensor, humidity sensor, moisture sensor and light parameters sensing is covered in proposed system. To control environment parameters in real life scenario, actuators are used for particular parameters All the controlling activities are done with the help of PIC microcontroller. For future purpose sensor outputs values can be stored on cloud so that stored data can be used for analysis in evolving technologies like AI. The proposed system works with least human interference and affordable for farmers.

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