Design and Manufacturing of Centreless Wheel Assembly

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Rishikesh Desale, Vinay Kamdi, Asst. Prof. T. S Sargar, Nikhil Paste, Anurag Jajamwar


Race cars really don’t always need a central hub. Hubless or centreless wheels technicallyarenotwithoutahub.Instead,thehubisaslargeasthewheelitselfandthe uprightismountedontheinteriorsideofthehub.Theuseoflightweight materialsand the dispensation with a central module significantly reduces the unsprung mass. The brake disc on the inside receives enhanced cooling and the diameter can be increased for the purpose of efficient braking. Although hub-less wheels are striking in appearance, their numerous practical disadvantages have precluded their widespread use as an alternative to conventional wheels. They are difficult and expensive to manufacture, requiring a great deal of precision machining, and the design leaves the discandothermechanicalpartslargelyexposedtotheelements.Useofcentrelessdoes not define the necessity of wheel centre; hence the mass in that case can beeliminated. Bringingitsweighttominimumpossiblevaluewasourprimaryconcern.Lighteristhe unsprung mass, more rapidly will the tire overcome the cornering forces and the vibrations will be damped faster. Lowering the unsprung mass will result in lower rotational mass moment of inertia. Hence, bringing its weight to minimum possible value was our primary concern. Our objectives are to study the forces acting on wheel assemble in dynamic condition and validate the same for designed centre-less wheel assemble. To study the various modes of failure for assemble in dynamic condition Improve the damper performance by reducing overall weight of wheel assemble so to reduce unsprung mass. To enhanced cooling of brake disc so the diameter can be increased for the purpose of efficientbraking

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