A Review on Friction Stir Processing of Aluminium alloy.

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Prof.H.A.Deore. Shubham Sanklecha, Dhiraj Sonar, Shivam Sanklecha, Prathamesh Kadam


Light metal alloys/composites having high strength are very much in demand for aerospace, defence and automotive applications. Additive Friction stir processing (AFSP), a solid state thermo-mechanical microstructure modification process, has established as a propitious technique for fabricating aluminium matrix composites (AMCs). Though substantial advancement is made over the past few years, few challenges still remain in this area. In this review paper an attempt is made to furnish the latest advancements in the domain of AFSP of 7XXX series Al-alloys with special focus on microstructural modification and mechanical property enhancements.  This paper discusses about the various additives (reinforcements) added in 7XXX Al-alloys to fabricate surface composites

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