Design and Analysis of Footstep Power Generation Unit Using Piezoelectric Tile.

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Aditya Suhas Kulkarni, Krushna Ramkishan Pargave, Shubham Ganesh Tehre , Shivam Santosh Dhonde


This system shows the utilization of human locomotion energy which, although extractable, goes mainly to waste. This system proposes a new model that uses human walking, jumping and running as a source of energy and stores it for essential use. This system designs a method for harvesting this human locomotion energy with the use of piezoelectric sensor and controller based on the IoT concept. The ground reaction force (GRF) exerted from the foot, when converted to voltage by piezoelectric sensors, is capable enough to power up a device. Successive exertion leads to aperiodic voltage build up which with proper circuitry can be used to charge a storage battery. It also promotes green energy and an environmentally friendly approach towards energy generation. In this system we have provided the basic concept and design details of this model and a basic implementation of the same.

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