Functional Analysis of Snake Robot Having IR Vision Technology

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Prof. S.C Shinde, Abhay Madhukar Patil, Neha Sanjay Patil Nandini Ravindra Chaudhari, Shivam Anand


- In this study we to aim to present an overview of features of snake robots and their application across various fields. Snakes is blessed with a unique feature of moving over or climbing all most all kind of terrains, rough, muddy, watery, narrow cracks, tall trees and this unique mobility feature have inspired the creation of ‘Snake Robots’. Snake robots can work as a wonder to reach challenging and cluttered environments where it is impossible or too dangerous or narrow for human beings to operate. Snake robot is an innovation that has a great scope in India. Snake robots, thus, holds a lot in future and great scope for India. Snake robots can be used in various fields like agriculture, sanitation,firefighting, surveillance and maintenance of complex and possibly dangerous structures or systems such as nuclear plants or pipelines, intelligent services, media, exploration, research, education, military, disaster management, and rescue & search operations. These unique features and degrees of freedom of snake robots make them fascinating topic for research and is worth investment & applicability. With further innovations, the potential of snake robots can beexploited and give way to infinite applications.


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