Design of Powder Refiling Machine

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Pranav Babar, Kalyani Hiray, Asst. Prof. T. S. Sargar, Vaishnavi Jadhavrao, Krishna Varpe


To design a powder refiling system for particulate control, it is necessary to accurately estimate cyclone performance. In this study, new theoretical methods for computing travel distance, numbers of turns and cyclone pressure drop have been developed. The flow pattern and cyclone dimensions determine the travel distance in the cyclone. The number of turns was calculated based on this travel distance. This theoretical analysis show that cyclone pressure drop varies with the inlet velocity, but not with cyclone diameter.

As the other cyclone designs fail to accurately estimate the number of effective turns, hence in this study we have used 2D2D design which is based on the calculation of number of effective turns. Based upon cut point diameter collection efficiency is calculated forĀ  any particle size which is also called fractional efficiency curve. The theoretical overall efficiency model developed in this research can be used for cyclone totalefficiency.

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