Eye Sensor Braking with Pneumatic System

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Mrunal B.Wankhede, Nirmal S. Borole, Prashant Bargal, Mahesh Bilshitte,Prof. Sagar B. Deokar


The aim is to design and develop a control system based on intelligent electronically controlledautomotivebumper andanauxiliarybrakingsystembyactivationofpneumaticactuatorstoslowdownor completely stop the vehicle. This system consists of IR transmitter and Receiver circuit, ControlUnit, Pneumatic bumper system and braking unit. The IR sensor is used to measure eye blink. Thisproject involves measure and controls of the eye blink using IR sensor and then signaling the microcontroller to operate the circuit accordingly. The IR transmitter is used to transmit the infrared rays inthe eyes. The IR receiver is used to receive the reflected infrared rays from our eyes. If the eyes arecloseditmeanstheoutputofIRreceiverishighotherwisetheIRreceiveroutputislow.Thisistoknowthe whether the eye is closing or opening; position of the eye lids. This output is given to logic circuitto indicate the final output i.e. alarm and the control signal is given to the bumper activation systembrakingunit.Thepneumaticbumpersystemisusedtoprovidesafetytothepassengerandvehicle.Nowadayvehicleaccidentisthemajorproblem.Thisbrakingsystemisaninnovativeprojectforthepurposeof preventing accidents that happen on the freeways or roadways. The purpose of this system is basedon intelligent electronically control automatic bumper and brake activation system that will use amixtureofPneumaticcomponentsandaMicrocontrollertoactivatethebrakingsystemwhenascenarioofemergencyisabouttooccurduetothe drowsystateofthe driver.

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