Intelligent Braking System in Vehicles

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Vaishnavi R. Garudkar,Nishant R. Daspute,Atharva N. Vadnerkar,AaftabPinjari, Prof. Ghansham B. Firame


Nowadays, the majority of accidents occur due to negligence of drivers. Many fatal accidents have occured due to this reason. This paper focuses on preventing car collisions using Intelligent Braking System in automobiles. A Ultrasonic setup is placed in front of the vehicles and the setup consists of an emitter & a receiver. Ultrasonic emitterĀ  emits the ultrasonic waves, whenever an obstacle is detected then the wave gets reflected and the receiver receives the signal. Reflected waves send the signal to the Arduino Uno. The Arduino Uno is used to activate the Solenoid Valve. The Pneumatic Brakes are actuated by using Solenoid valves. IBS car provides the glimpse into the future of automotive safety. By the IBS system we can prevent more accidents and save more lives.

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