Automatic Seed Sowing Machine

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S.P.Patil,V.R.Pimple P.S.Indalkar,M.S.Patel


In India, near about 70% people are dependent upon agriculture. So the agricultural system in India should be advanced to reduce the efforts of farmers. Various numbers of operations are performed in the agriculture field like seed sowing, weeding, cutting, pesticide spraying etc. Very basic and significant operation is seed sowing. But the present methods of seed sowing are problematic. The equipmentused for seed sowing are very difficult and inconvenient to handle. So there is a need to develop equipment which will reduce the efforts of farmers. This system introduces a control mechanism which aims to drop seeds at particular position with specified distance between two seeds and lines while sowing. The drawbacks of the existing sowing machine will be removed successfully in this automatic machine.The main reason behind automation of farming processes are saving the time and energy required for performing repetitive farming tasks and increasing the productivity of yield by treating every crop individually using precision farming concept.Currently inventions are going on tomanufacture various seed sowing machines. Jethro Tull was the first man to invent this kind of machine and thereafter various machines are invented in order to get the maximum efficiency. This result in minimization of the total cost of production, saving of time and reduction in the effort involved in the process. The new technology should also be economically feasible and hence the behavior of the technology and its role in the society is an important consideration before developing a new product or process. In this work a seed sowing machine has been developed that help the farmers in harvesting the best crop with least efforts.

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