Design and Analysis of Cylinder Fins

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HarshadKokani,VishalZende,PrachiYeole PoojaKudale


The 110cc engine cylinder is one of the major automobile components,whichis subjected to high temperature variations and thermal stresses. In order to cool the cylinder, finsare provided on the cylinder to increase the rate of heat transfer. By doing thermal analysis on the 110cc engine cylinder fins, it is helpful to know the heat dissipation through the cylinder. The study implemented in this paper is to increase the heat dissipation rate by using the invisible working fluid, nothing but air[3].The main purpose of using these cooling fins is to cool the 110cc engine cylinder by any air. We know that, by increasing the surface area of the fin can increase the heat dissipation rate, so designing such a large complex 110cc engine is very difficult. A parametric model of piston bore fins will be developed to predict the thermal behavior[3]. The parametric model will be created in 3D modeling software Creo 7.0. Thermal analysis Willbe done on the fins to determine variation in temperature distribution over time. The analysis will be done using ANSYS. Analysis will be conducted by varying material. Presently Material used for manufacturing fin body is Gray Cast Iron, Magnesium Alloy, Chromium Alloy, SiliconAlloy.

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