Tribological Performance of Hemp Fibre Reinforced Eco-friendly Brake Friction Material.

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Mithul Naidu, PritishAlatgi, Shubham Pol, SachinPawar, Koustubh Pawar, Ajit Bhosale


The key components that play an important role in riding safety are brake pads. It's used to slow down the vehicle and bring it to a complete stop. Asbestos and non-asbestos brake pads are the two most common types of brake pads. Asbestos brake pads are carcinogenic. Theaim of this study is to create an environmentally friendly alternative composite material for brake pads. The development of an asbestos-free brake pad using hemp fibre, aluminiumfibre, and basalt fibre, its investigation for tribological properties such as wear and friction, is done. Compression moulding was used to create three specimens, which were then post-cured in a furnace.Thecompositesaresubjectedtoapinondiscinvestigationtodeterminethewearrate andfrictionalbehaviourundera20Nload.Thefindingssuggestthathempfibrecompositehas a lower wear rate and coefficient of friction values than aluminium and basalt fibre reinforced composites,butwithinacceptablerangeforbrakepadmaterials.Scanningelectronmicroscopy is used to examine the surface wearmorphology.

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