Monitoring of Agriculture Parameter through Sensors for Productivity Enhancement

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Joshi Sarang P, Chavhan R U,


Abstract -  High productivity  is a need of this time in the agriculture field as well.The wireless sensor network technology has found its implementation in precision agriculture as a result of the need for high productivity. Among the different technologies for crop monitoring, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are recognized as a powerful one to collect and process data in the agricultural domain with low-cost and low-energy consumption. Agriculture and farming is one of the industries which have recently diverted their attention to WSN, seeking this cost effective technology to improve its production and enhance agriculture yield standard.Many developing countries are now focusing on agriculture led development. Yet the sector has its own challenges. The impressive progress of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in the Developing World and extent of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) applicability indicates the possibility of applying this technology in the context of developing countries.

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