Investigation on Mechanical Properties of Carbon/Coir Fiber and Epoxy Hybrid Composite Material

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M. N. Gund , R T Vyavahare ,


In recent years, composite material is used as an alternative material for materials like metal, wood, etc. due to its lightweight, high strength to weight ratio and stiffness properties. Natural fibers like coir fiber, bamboo fiber, jute fiber, banana plant fiber, etc have low cost, easy availability and are less harmful to humans. Also, carbon fiber has various properties such as high strength to weight ratio, rigidity, good tensile strength, fatigue resistance, fire resistance/not flammable, high thermal conductivity. This research work aims to investigate the mechanical properties of Carbon fiber, Coir fiber and Epoxy composite material by using FEA software Ansys APDL R15.0 and validating results experimentally by using UTM. ASTM D3039 and ASTM D3410 standards were used for FEA and experimental work (specimen Preparation and testing). To find the mechanical properties i.e. tensile and compressive properties of specimen respectively for fiber ply orientation angle 00-00-00, the tensile and compressive tests were conducted on the prepared specimens. The tensile and compressive properties in ANSYS were 350.17 Mpa and 14.47 Mpa respectively.  Experimentally the results of tensile and compressive properties were 337.6 Mpa and 13.53 Mpa respectively.

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