OEE Improvement of VMC Machine by Implementing Lean Manufacturing for Brake Adapter Ring

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Pankaj B Gavali, Appasaheb N. Pandav, Sujit S. Patil, Nilesh V. Sabnis


To manage the manufacturing,Over the years, a variety of management techniques have been developed. Any manufacturing business faces basic issues such as waste of time, manpower, finances, and overworked employees. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a good technique for analysing a machine's effectiveness, and it really reduces complicated production issues to a simple and intuitive presentation of data.It aids in the systematic analysis of the operation and the identification of possible problem areas impacting machine utilisation. The aim of work is to improve the production rate of the machine by observing the various parameters such as down times, programs of the job and the time study for the job. Using the observed values to calculate the OEE and using OEE as the performance measurement tool for the machine. The various ongoing processes on the job and the finding out areas for improvement.

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