Heat Transfer Enhancement of Diesel Engine Radiator Using Nanofluid

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Aniruddha Kulkarni, Prasanna Patrekar, Shreyas Narawade, Swapnil Mane, Nandkumar Vele


In vehicles nowadays, liquid cooled engines are the new trend in which the vehicles have a cooling system with the help of coolants. The existing coolant which is used in maximum vehicles is a mixture of distilled water with ethylene glycol. But these coolants provide less heat transfer. So with advancements of new technologies and several researches, results were found that there was enhancement in heat transfer when we used nanofluids. Hence we can use nanofluids as a replacement for the conventional coolant. One more advantage of using nanofluids is that we can also use a small sized radiator which can yield us the same result. Hence this can reduce the weight of the vehicle. We chose Copper oxide(CuO) as our nanofluid and Sodium Do-decyl sulphate(SDS) as surfactant to overcome the settling problem.

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