Topology Optimization of Foot Pedal Using Generative Design Approach

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Atherva Deepak Gajinkar, Harsh Sudhir Garg, Harsh Laxman Gautam, Bharat Rakesh Jangid, S S Pachpore


Over the years, Foot pedal is used as an actuator in automobiles, aircraft, industrial machinery for applying some force and getting the desired output. With reference to wide application of foot pedals, this paper focuses on optimization of conventional mechanical models into a more efficient design in terms of cost, material, time and productivity. Under the scope of the article the conventional foot pedal was remodeled with the objective function of reducing its mass making it lighter and less bulky. This is being done with use of Altair Inspire software by using three different optimization variants namely Topology optimization, Lattice Optimization and Polynurbs Shape Optimization, and came up with various possibilities which could replace traditional designs.


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