CFD Analysis of two wheeler silencer and its noise control with the help of CAD and CAE Tools

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Vishal S. Maske, Prof. S. S. Bele


Exhaust systems are developed to control emissions and to attenuate noise vibration and harshness to meet the regulatory requirements. The exhaust system components are manifold, close coupled and underbody catalytic converters, flexible bellows, muffler, resonator, connecting pipes, flanges, and tailpipe.” A well-designed exhaust system collects exhaust gases from engine cylinders and discharges them as quickly and silently as possible.

This work focuses on the exhaust silencer for two wheeler vehicles. Study will include CFD analysis and Fluid structural interaction analysis to be performed on the current design of the exhaust silencer with boundary conditions as per engines. Design of the silencer will be generated according to requirements. Exhaust gas temperatures, Velocities and back pressure will be evaluated and verified through Finite Element Analysis package ANSYS. Also the modal analysis is performed to study the effect of geometric change on the natural frequency of the system. Actual testing will be performed by manufacturing a modified exhaust silencer and testing it on the two wheeler engine test rig for back pressure and noise.

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