Nanomaterials in Automotive Applications: A Review and its Technical Aspects

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Dadaso D Mohite, Vibhor Chaturvedi, Souvik De, Vishwas S Jadhav


Nanomaterials have prompted a lot of attention due to their unique physical and chemical features. Nanomaterials are the result of nanotechnology and nanoscience. Nanomaterial is a huge area in and of itself, but it has the potential to revolutionize the way materials and products are created. The objective of this paper is to organize a report that contains the latest development in the field of nanotechnology in the automobile sector. This paper also revealed that increasing the use of Nanomaterials in automobiles makes transportation considerably healthier for the environment while also improving the performance of automobile parts. In automobiles, nanomaterials such as aluminium carbon nanotube composites, carbon nanotubes, aluminium silicon carbide composites, and graphene are commonly used. This paper reviewed the use of these materials in many vehicle industries, as well as hurdles for future applications.


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