Design and Development of Fruit Sanitization Machine by Using Combined Sanitization Techniques

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Amruta Hatkar, Shivam Gaikwad, Rushikesh Naik, Ruchita Asole, Dr.R.N.Yerrawar


It has been observed that washing of fruits are mostly done manually. This method involves a lot of drudgery which is inefficient and time consuming. Hence, there is a need to mechanize this process for ease of operation and maintenance of hygiene. An attempt has been made to develop fruit washer which is conceptualized to wash a range of fruits based on roundness or spherical shape. These fruits are orange, mango, apple, pineapple pawpaw, cashew and passion fruits. The machine is designed with essential components being the feed hopper, roller , tank, water jet system, main frame and discharge outlet. The machine has been developed with the locally available materials powered by electric motor.

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