Structural Behavior of Three-Wheeler Composite – Aluminum Honeycomb Chassis Using FEA: A Review

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Vishal Nikam Naren Kate


Change in design of chassis brings in a change in vibration pattern and stress pattern will also change for impact loading conditions.  Front, side, and rear impact simulations can be carried out to obtain displacement and stress distribution patterns. The three-dimensional CAD model is designed using CATIA. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software ANSYS is used to determine the natural frequencies of the three-wheeler chassis. Weight optimization of three-wheeler chassis can be performed by using a composite - aluminum honeycomb structure. The conceptual design can be primarily manufactured using E-glass fiber and aluminum pipe. Modal analysis of modified three-wheeler composite - aluminum honeycomb chassis can be done using ANSYS workbench. Experimental validation of the natural frequency of the chassis can be done using an FFT analyzer and impact hammer.

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