Static Structural and Modal Analysis of Engine Mount

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Harshvardhan Dhanpal Ankalkhope


In any automotive vehicle, the engine is being held in its position with the help of the engine mount. The engine mount plays a very important role in performance of the vehicle and providing a comfortable ride to the passengers. The engine mount is subjected to various forces and a large amount of vibrations. The large amount of vibrations are being generated by the engine, followed by vibrations generated by the road roughness. Hence, the mounting of the engine should be well constrained and the engine mounts need to be designed to safely bear the inertial loads and reduce the vibrations. In this paper, the CAD modelling of the mount is done using Solidworks. The meshing of the engine mount has been done using 3D tetra elements in order to achieve more accurate results. Static Structural analysis has been done to check the stress generation and deformation in the critical areas of the mount to avoid the catastrophic failure of the mount. Also, the natural frequencies of the mounts are determined by performing modal analysis, to ensure that the natural frequency of the mount does not coincide with the operating frequency of the engine to avoid resonance, thus reducing the vibrations.

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