Design and Analysis of Engine Mount of FSAE Car

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Harshvardhan Dhanpal Ankalkhope


The FSAE car is designed to give high performance and is highly manoeuvrable, thereby powertrain components are subjected to various forces due to high rates of acceleration and deceleration. This induces high static and dynamic stresses in the mount. It is also subjected to huge amounts of vibrations which are generated by the engine. Hence, the stress generation, deformation and factor of safety in the critical region of the mount should be predetermined to avoid the failure of the mount. To minimize the vibrations of the engine transferred to the chassis, the engine mount should be designed in such a way that the operating frequency range of the engine should not coincide with the natural frequency of the mount. This paper discusses the Modelling, Meshing, Static Structural Analysis and Modal analysis of engine mount for a FSAE car.

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